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Syrani Sands

Syrani Sands

☽ Reconnected Motherhood ✧ Systems + Complexity Scientist ⫸ Serial Consciouspreneur ༻ Homebirthing, Waldorf + Off-Grid Living Mama ⚘ Empowering you to reclaim your power over your digital world + create legacy and sovereign wealth online ☽

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About this Speaker

Syrani Sands is a conscious mama, systems change scientist, and a digital sovereignty, business flow and abundance coach for mamas in the slower seasons of life.


In her previous life, Syrani had a distinguished career in Academia, Social and Environmental Justice and International Non-Profit Management and Leadership. She strived to create a "New Earth" using new systems, new knowledge and holistic and integrated approaches (which are still considered pretty radical in her fields).


But, being a self-proclaimed ex-overachiever who lived and worked heavily in her Unhealthy Masculine, she inevitably ended up having a health crisis in her mid-twenties, in her gut and womb space, that was her wake-up call to a new way of living and being in the World.


She realised that we cannot truly create change, impact or true service in this life, if we are pouring from an empty cup.


Syrani journey came full circle when she became a mother. She healed the many lineages of the wounded feminine with her two powerful home births to her daughters.


She received the clarity of her soul's mission and Dharma – to be the bridge between worlds – the 3D and the 5D – between science and spirit – between masculine action and feminine flow – between being a conscious, present mama and a goddess creator in all her abundance.


She now brings her intellectual knowledge and expertise on digital and data management and sovereignty, peak performance, flow state, financial education, leadership, global systems change, digital marketing, medical and natural sciences, law, economics, anthropology, and more...


To ultimately empower like-minded women and mamas to unlock their highest potential in impact and abundance creation... AND motherhood... whilst reclaiming their POWER over their digital world + data.


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